Friday June 1st, 2018

Deep Learning: Powering the AI Revolution

About BackToBasic

BackToBasic is the annual UvA information sciences event where alumni, students, researchers, lecturers and others interested meet informally to discuss topics in the Information Sciences.

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This year's theme is on deep learning. We have two exciting keynote speakers on this subject: Prof.Dr. Alexei A. Efros (UC Berkeley) and Dr. Zeynep Akata (University of Amsterdam).

We would be thrilled to have you with us on the 1st of June from 17:00 to 21:00 at Science Park 904, Amsterdam. Registrations are open now!


In addition, we welcome companies to present themselves to students, alumni and researchers, so strong working relationships can be found and maintained easily. There will also be ample opportunity to meet with old friends, class mates and co-workers over drinks.

Sciencepark 904